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This instrument was created as part of our latest dance spectacle Absorbe-moi

The starting idea was to create an instrument dealing with sound synthesis and reacting directly with the movement of the 2 dancers. Their movement is tracked live and analyzed by another computer, then the main characteristics of it (X position, Y position, Height, Width, X gravity, Y gravity, speed and luminosity) is smoothed and transmitted as normalized data into the synth and used (of course with some latency) to modulate any selectable parameter of the sound in real time (external modulation sources 1 to 8).

Inspired by some of the tools I regularly use and love (Access Virus TI, Nord Modular G2, Native Instruments FM8 and Massive) I soon began to build my dream synth, with all the features I wanted, some of those only partially available in the products mentioned above.

Philippe Jelli/mutin

Listen some sound samples

Phisynth on cycling'74 project page

Technical details

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