'Isadora dans les arts de la scène': capture technologies for interactive processes.
Zandrine Chiri - Francis Bras/Interface Z - Florence Corin/Mutin


The workshop will focus on a technical, artistic approach of the implications of using sensors during a performance. Nowadays, the use of sensors enables a more sensitive interaction between performer and technology; it also allows us to explore the depth of the reaction. The sensors allow us to use various data from our environment in real time and feed them into performance production.
Reflection will focus upon the technical means we have at our disposal today: the array of existing sensors. We will consider sensors in performing arts and classify them in three families: sensors placed on the performer, partly placed and those placed in the environment.

The workshop will focus on an interactive story boarding exercise using the Isadora software and will give an insight into the software. The notation of interactive patches will enable us to explore the interactive input of sensors in performing arts.

The Company Interface-Z is specialised in the conception of interface, sensors and actuators for artists. The Company was founded by Zandrine Chiri and Francis Bras and is established in Paris.

Workshops organised by CECN/Technocité.
Workshop given in February 06 at the Maison Folie - Mons, In October 06 at the Carré des Arts in Mons. . For further info on the workshop, click here, In June 07 in Cftps ( and ccn of Nancy and Musique et Danse en Lorraine. In 2008, workshop was given in CECN and the Fresnoy.
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