This performance BI#1 - Le Poil is the first step for the networked project Body Intimacy.
The association mutin wishes to create a networked project about the body intimacy related to digital technologies. Then the projet Body Intimacy wants to be built as a series of reflexion on the body and its intimacy. It would be like a private diary of the body. Build day after day, gradually, becoming meaningful only in the series.

BI#1 - Le Poil is the first creation for the network. The project received the best international creation award of the Bains munériques. The creation was created in the Bains numériques #3 in June 08.

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le poil

BI#1 - Le Poil is an interactive solo.
Built on a intimacy evolving in between interiority and exteriority, the project wants to show the invisible part.
Placed in an interactive set up, Céline exposes her body. She explores her limits, mixing pictures and her surfaces. During the performance, Céline build her image, playing with her body and her record image, her deformed body, her interiority. She can interact with her image to show it with an other point of view.

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