by Eve Bonneau

Every Wednesday from 6:30 pm till 8:30 pm

Theme & development:

This class invites us to work on the basis of our presence: a learning process through our senses, while listening to our physical history: The memory is located in our skin asserting our peculiarities and similarities. We will focus on connecting our individual experience with the collective body, releasing an empathic communication, which enjoys the quality of being accessible and immediate.

The participants will be invited to engage in an experience at the crossroads between dance and Performance Art. We will aim to discover a physical, visible and tangible language by working through physical sensations while exploring various links between internal and outside spheres.
Each session will start with body awareness exercises focused on breathing as introduction to various introspective and spatial explorations from which we will extract «micro-events». Such events take the form of a personal deepening through the movement leading to new articulation « physical words », which will then feed a collective physical debate among the group.
Participants will experiment with the transposition of sensation through the use of different physical materials that make connections with feelings and perceptions: for example, voice, writings, materials, objects, tools. This does not intend to limit sensitivity to the body or to movement: on the contrary, it can enable an opening up to other spaces, searching for another visibility of our inner worlds.
Some questions will guide our research:

In what movements take me my physical vibrations and beatings? What other physical rhythm may I follow?
How the surrounding space echos in my internal space?
In which event my own morphology leads me?
How is the map of my body?
My intention is to provide you with “tools of creation” that can feed your artistic and daily practice, causing you to question the place your body occupies in activity. Suggesting possible dialogues between the experience of a daily practice and performance.

To whom is this workshop directed?

This workshop is open to both practicing artists and amateurs wishing to work through their own creativity to develop their listening, physicality, physical awareness and consciousness.

On Wednesday: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
From September 21st, 2016

At Espace Mutin, 140 chaussée De Haecht, 1030 Bruxelles

1 class = 11€ / 4 classes = 40 €


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