Blobettes was created at the Theâtre de la Balsamine. 8, 9 and 10 June at 7.30 pm

In the framework of the Festival danse à la Balsa/Marni/Raffinerie!

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Blobettes s'installent

Blobettes performent

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Blobettes is a danced performance, an immersive installation, a journey to the heart of shapelessness.

Settling on shapelessness is a will to make a choice. To question the constant need to give a shape to things. To explore our inner shapelessness, to allow oneself an array of feelings and to extend one’s limitations.

Blobettes questions research into movement and the human being. What information does a dancer, a woman or we, get through feeling?
Blobettes focuses on image space. How to express shapelessness in a movement representation?

Blobettes tends towards a blurry scenic space. How do you transform the inflexible space of a representation?

Blobettes stands for a sensitive environment. How can you question and tickle the spectator through scenography?

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