Blobettes s'installent was created in May and June in Recyclart.



Blobettes s’installent is an interactive installation created for a shop window space in an urban environment. A sensor carpet placed on the sidewalk and a motion captor detect le presence and the position of passers-by. The data have an impact upon the video images and upon the sounds of the interactive installation as well as upon the lighting fixtures in the shop window.

The sound and visual material used for the interactive installation is inspired from the creation Blobettes. It features the character Blobette created for this performance through images and as an installation. Blobette is a hybrid character, both a virtual and shapeless doll that refers us to our image of a body and our definition of it.

Blobettes s’installent is a reflection on the movement representations, on the limitations of our frame, on the shapelessness of our body.

Blobettes s’installent questions the passer-by: where does the norm stand? What is the limit of madness? At which point is our freedom at stake?

At the opening and closing of Blobettes s'installent, performances Blobettes performent took over the space of the interactive installation.

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