Presentation in Monaco Dance Forum.
Monday the 11th Dec at 1pm, salle B in CCAM
CCAM (Auditorium Rainier III)
Boulevard Louis II
98001 Monaco cedex

Blobettes_ _ _ se tracent is the project of an interactive installation.

Blobettes_ _ _ se tracent questions movement and its representation. Within an immersive environment where multiple performances are intertwined, Blobette – a strange doll moving between reality and virtuality – explores the limitations of our body frame. The installation opens up to a fantasy world, seeks to extract the essence of movement, to transmit feeling. The passer-by creates the trace, his/her movement acts upon the sound, his/her moving around triggers images and gets the Blobette moving.

Blobettes_ _ _ se tracent invite to an in-between, adding substance to the image surface.


sur le sol sur le mur sommaire
Blobettes_ _ _ se tracent - on a wall - on the ground - Blobette
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