The sound and image performance Abouli(v)e by Florence Corin and Philippe Jelli
is based on the memory of the video installation Aboulie.
Sound and image develops in real time in a mutual understanding.
A dynamic exploration into the traces of movement…

Abouli(v)e was created at the Maison Folie - Mons on 20th December 05 within the framework of the festival les Transnumériques organised by Transcultures.

Abouli(v)e in Brussels:
On 6th April at 7 p.m. at Recyclart

Here, sound and image extracts!

Download the technical data in pdf: technical data of Abouli(v)e
(only in french for the moment).

Abouli(v)e. Florence Corin - Philippe Jelli.
Photos: Transcultures
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