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Can I use local tv antenna for getting better signal from my AT700 gsm repeater?

Hi! My name is Alex and I need your help. Actually it's not a problem in deed, but anyway I want to know more about the process of improving gsm signal. Especially I'm interested in increasing the capacity of my AT700 gsm repeater outdoor antenna. I have no problems with gsm signal in my house, but I have a wish to make it perfect or close to that. So the question is can I use my tv antenna for broadcasting in addition to outdoor antenna of my amplifier? Thanks.

Hello, Alex! You know, it's rather a specific question for our staff, but there is the answer – no you can't or it’s better to say we don't recommend you to include in the chain of amplifying process any other appliances like tv antennas and so on. Any-Tone's 900 mhz gsm repeater is characterized by troubleproof and no-failure work, effective capacity for work subject to the rules of operation and use of amplifier. For more than five years MyAmplifiers supplies amplifiers to the users all over the world and the spirit of our company and its desire to improve the quality of cell phone connection is inside every MyAmplifiers's amplifier. So AT700 has all the features inherent in amplifiers.

You don't need 'to invent a bicycle' – everything is simple, but of genius! Just install in a proper way your amplifier, using all the parts from the kit and enjoy stable and constant cellular connection around. Every Any-tone's kit includes all the necessary constituents: a cable (we recommend to use original coax cable of proper length for a certain model of the amplifier), a power supply, a user's manual, an amplifier and two antennas (indoor and outdoor). By the way, for better understanding the signal amplifying process read more about it here. And at last if you still want to boost gsm signal you can try to order an additional Yagi antenna and set it to have a better signal to your gsm repeater.

You should visit accessories section on our website for it and order Yagi antenna. Our specialists will make everything possible for you. There you can find all types of antennas for all models of amplifiers and the price-list as well. Moreover you can choose a more powerful amplifier for making, as you said 'perfect', the process of amplifying signal, using Helper on our website.
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